ballad stanza definition

Ballad stanza definition, a four-line stanza consisting of unrhymed first and third lines in iambic tetrameter and rhymed second and fourth lines in iambic trimeter, often used in ballads. See more.
In poetry, a Ballad stanza is the four-line stanza, known as a quatrain, most often found in the folk ballad. This form consists of alternating four- and three-stress lines. Usually only the second and fourth lines rhyme (in an a/b/c/b pattern). Assonance in place of rhyme is common. Samuel Taylor Coleridge adopted the ballad
Ballad stanza definition: a four-line stanza , often used in ballads , in which the second and fourth lines rhyme... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
Define ballad stanza: a stanza consisting of four lines with the first and third lines unrhymed iambic tetrameters and the second and fourth lines…
Ballad stanza: Ballad stanza, a verse stanza common in English ballads that consists of two lines in ballad metre, usually printed as a four-line stanza with a rhyme scheme of abcb, as in The Wife of Usher's Well, which.
Definition of ballad stanza in US English - a four-line stanza in iambic meter in which the first and third unrhymed lines have four metrical feet and the second an.
Define ballad stanza. ballad stanza synonyms, ballad stanza pronunciation, ballad stanza translation, English dictionary definition of ballad stanza. n. A four-line stanza often used in ballads, rhyming in the second and fourth lines and having four metrical feet in the first and third lines and three in...
In here is discussed the Ballad stanza form. Examples are given and there is also access to a friendly poetry forum.
Oh, I forbid ye maidens all. That wear gold in your hair. To come or go by Carterhaugh For young Tam Lin is there. In Scarlet Town, where I was born. There lived a fair maid dwellin'; Made many a youth cry well-a-day, And her name was Barbara Allen. In folk ballads, the meter is often irregular (as in the example above from
ballad stanza definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'ballad metre',ballad opera',bothy ballad',bush ballad', Reverso dictionary, English definition, English vocabulary.

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